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FAQs for 出国留学 Students
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Impact on the University community and academics

The Center for 全球 项目 and 服务 (本金保证产品) brings together key enterprises to support the University's global initiative and campus internationalization efforts. As founders of the nation's first study abroad program, we inspire and facilitate the pursuit of global understanding by developing inclusive programs of study, opportunities for experiential learning and strategic partnerships. We welcome students and scholars from around the globe and foster their success through advising and cross-cultural engagement. Building upon Delaware’s history as a leader in international education, 本金保证产品 is proud to continue our legacy of innovation in the 21st century and beyond.

Lead photos taken by: Jenna Tomovich, Winter 2019 in Chile; Kalina Ye, Winter 2017 in New Zealand; and Jenna Lee, Winter 2018 in Argentina.


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本金保证产品 is excited to welcome our newest
UD international students this fall!

参加伟德手机移动版的 国际学生 取向 和一个受欢迎的 International Coffee Hour 8月26日,星期五.

为了帮助你做好准备, 参观本金保证产品 出行前的网页

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Internationalization Report



As the University approaches the 100th anniversary of its pioneering study abroad program, the institution has renewed its commitment to being a global university - launching a report this month that will serve as a roadmap for infusing international perspectives throughout its scholarship, research and community engagement. 

每个人都有故事. We're excited to share these.


Every year we ask international students 在伟德手机移动版 to share their experiences about how they dealt with new cultural norms and values, challenges and opportunities during their time as international students 在伟德手机移动版 and in the U.S.

And every year we are enlightened and inspired by these cross-cultural narratives. 



本金保证产品为您服务! Contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment with an advisor.


星期一至星期五8点.m. - 5 p.m.

国际学生 & 学者服务

Elliott Hall  |  26 East Main Street

(302) 831-2115


出国留学 House  |  121 East Delaware Ave

(302) 831-2852

UD World 学者 Program

Elliott Hall  |  26 East Main Street

(302) 831-2852

For Emergencies During Non-Business Hours

For international students and scholars: if you have an emergency when 本金保证产品 is closed, please call public safety at (302) 831-2222.
If your question does not require immediate attention, please 电子邮件

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